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262 Collins

O hearken sinners! we have come 
To warn you of your danger,
We pray be reconciled to Him 
Who once lay in a manger.


Ho! ev'ry one that thirsteth,
Come ye to the waters:
Freely drink and quench your thirst,
Ye Zion's sons and daughters.

That awful God who made the soul,
And all the world around you,
Doth charge you with ten thousand crimes,
But hateth to confound you.


O seek His sanctifying grace,
Be wise, do not refuse it,
For if you seek your life to save,
You will be sure to lose it.


The cross of Christ you have to bear,
Fearless of persecution,
Or groan you will when time shall cease,
In darkness and confusion.


Come all ye humble, weeping souls,
Who long to be forgiven,
We bring glad tidings unto you,
From the good Lord of heaven.


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