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114 Happy On the Way

I am happy on the shining way,
To my home above,
Following my Leader day by day,
Praising His great love.
From the homepath I shall never stray
For he keeps me true;
Singing on the blessed shining way,
Soon His face I'll view. (will view) 


Happy singing on the shining way,
To the land of light,
Going home with my Redeemer dear, 
(Going with my blessed Lord),
Where there comes no night.
Oh what joy to feel his presence near,
(Oh what joy to feel Him near,)
And to hold his hand;
O I'm happy on the shining way
To the promised land.

In His service faithful I'll remain,
Doing what I may,
Follow on in sunshine or in rain,
Happy all the day.
He will ever keep me true and strong,
If to Him I cling;
And His love shall be the sweetest song,
I shall ever sing. (shall sing)


Great reward is coming by and by,
O the thought divine,
To the glory home I'm drawing nigh,
What a joy is mine!
No more burdens I shall have to bear,
No more bitter tears;
But the crown of glory I shall wear,
Thro' eternal years.(at home) 


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