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95 Everlasting Punishment

While 'tis mercy's day, and the gospel calls,
And the message to us sent;
To our ways take heed, or, 'twill come to all,-
Everlasting punishment!


Everlasting punishment,
Meet the wicked in that day;
Sad regrets, a life misspent,
Weeping, wailing and lamenting,
Will the sinner's portion be.

O, the awful pangs that will meet the soul,
In that place of banishment!
Sinners weep and wail, for their doom has come!
Everlasting punishment!


Sinner, think! O, think! may be drawing nigh,
Where the wicked rich man went!
Who in torment woke, opened eyes and saw!-
Everlasting punishment!


Now the gentle voice of the gospel comes,
And it says to all, "repent!"
If you slight its call, it will be your doom!-
Everlasting punishment!


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