I sing a song which does belong to all the human race,
Concerning death which steals the breath and blasts the comely face;
Come listen all unto my call which I do make today,
For you must die as well as I, and pass from hence away.

No human pow’r can stop the hour wherein a mortal dies,
A Caesar may be great today, yet death will close his eyes:
Tho some do strive and do arrive to riches and renown,
Enjoying health and swim in wealth, yet death will bring them down.

Tho beauty grace your comely face, with roses white and red,
A dying fall will spoil it all, for Absalom is dead:
Tho you acquire the best attire appearing fine and fair,
Yet death will come into the room, and strip you naked there.

The princes high and beggars die, and mingle with the dust,
The rich, the brave, the negro slave, the wicked and the just:
Therefore prepare to meet thy God, before it is too late,
Or else you’ll weep, lament and cry, lost in a ruined state.

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