Death shall not destroy my comfort,
Christ shall guide me thru the gloom;
Down He’ll send some heav’nly convoy,
To convey my spirit home.
Jordan’s stream shall ne’er o’erflow me,
While my Saviour’s by my side;
Canaan, Canaan lies before me,
Rise, and cross the swelling tide.


Soon with angels I’ll be marching,
Bright the glory on my brow;
Who will share my blissful portion,
Who will love my Saviour now?

See the happy spirits waiting
On the banks beyond the stream,
Sweet responses still repeating,
Jesus, Jesus is their theme.
See, they whisper; hark, they call me,
“Sister spirit, come away.”
Lo! I come, earth can’t contain me,
Hail, ye realms of endless day!


Smiling angels now surround me,
Troops resplendent fill the skies;
Glory shining all around me,
While my tow’ring spirit flies.
Jesus, clad in dazzling splendor,
Now methinks appears in view;
Brethren, could you see my Jesus,
You would love and serve Him too.


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