What wondrous mighty work is this,
Unfolded by our Lord?
It gives our souls a taste of bliss
To read His Holy word.
‘Twas born in heav’n’s immortal bow’rs
In God’s high courts above,
It gives us strength in lonely hours
And is the work of love.

We have received by this bright theme
A hope of lasting life,
Beyond the shores of death’s dark stream,
Beyond this world of strife.
‘Tis far beyond the stars and sun,
That blissful heav’n above,
There we can dwell when time is done,
By serving God in love.

Thus from the realms of grace divine
Did Jesus come to die;
As God is love, let it combine
To aid us home on high.
O’er all our race may it prevail,
As it prevails above;
And they at death will not bewail,
For they have lived in love.

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