Watchman, tell me does the morning
Of fair Zion’s glory dawn?
Have the signs that mark His coming
Yet upon thy pathway shone?
Pilgrims, rise, and look a round thee;
Light is breaking in the skies;
Gird thy bridal robes around thee,
Morning dawns, arise! arise!

Watchman, see, the light is beaming,
Brighter still upon the way;
Signs thru all the earth are gleaming,
Omens of the coming day.
Then the jubal trumpet sounding,
Shall awake from earth and sea,
All the saints of earth now sleeping,
Clad in immortality.

See them rising up to meet Him,
As He comes down from on high.
O how happy now to greet Him,
And to heav’n they with Him fly.
See the pearly gates fly open,
O how sweetly now they sing,
All the heav’nly arches ringing,
With the praise of God their King.

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