Farewell brother, deep and lowly
Rest thee on thy bed of clay;
Kindred spirits, angels holy,
Bear thy heav’nward soul away.
Sad we gave thee to the number
Laid in yonder city halls;
And above thy peaceful slumber
Many show’rs of sorrow fall.

Hear our pray’r, O God of glory,
Lowly breathed in sorrow’s song;
Bleeding hearts lie bare before Thee
Come, in holy trust made strong;
Hark! a voice moves nearer, stronger
From the shad’wy land we dread;
Mortals! mortals! seek no longer
Those that live among the dead.

Farewell brother, soon we’ll meet thee
Where no cloud of sorrow rolls;
For glad tidings float, how sweetly!
From the glor’ous land of souls;
Death’s cold gloom now parts asunder,
Lo! the folding shades are gone;
Mourner, upward! yonder, yonder,
God’s broad day comes pouring on.

Brother, rest from sin and sorrow;
Death is o’er and life is near;
On thy slumber dawns no morrow;
Rest thine earthly race is run.
Brother, wake, the night is waning
Endless day is round thee poured;
Enter thou the rest remaining
For the people of the Lord.

Brother, wake, for He who loved thee,
He who died that thou mightst live,
He who graciously approved thee,
Waits thy crown of joy to give.
Fare thee well; tho woe is blending
With the tones of earthly love.
Triumph high and joy unending
Wait thee in the realms above.

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