We yearn for the treasures beyond the sky,
Where we shall never die;
With wings like eagles we’ll upward fly
Up to heaven by and by.
The sea and earth will yield their dead,
That’s what the Bible said;
We’ll sail away while this world burns,
To wear the crown we’ve earned.


Oh, won’t you come with me? I’m going home
To live with Christ eternally,
To walk the streets with loved ones that I long to see,
Oh, praise the Lord we’ll sing again together in the sky.

I won’t be a stranger up there with God,
For here His way I trod;
He’ll show me into my britght new home,
And He’ll say this is your own.
This treasure here is your reward,
For your trust in the Lord;
You suffered there and lived in shame,
But you lived not in vain.


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