Come away to the skies,
My beloved arise,
And rejoice in the day thou was born:
On this festival day,
Come exulting away,
And with singing to Zion return.

We have laid up our love
And our treasures above,
Tho our bodies continue below,
The redeemed of the Lord
Will remember His word,
And with singing to paradise go.

Now with singing and praise,
Let us spend all the days,
By our heavenly Father bestowed,
While His grace we receive
From His bounty and live
To the honor and glory of God.

For the glory we were
First created to share
Both the nature and kingdom divine;
Now created again
That our souls may remain,
Throughout time and eternity Thine.

We with thanks do approve
The design of that love
Which hath joined us to Jesus’s name;
So united in heart,
Let us never more part,
Till we meet at the feast of the Lamb.

There, O there at His feet,
We shall all likewise meet
And be parted in body no more;
We shall sing to our lyres,
With the heavenly choirs,
And our Savior in glory adore.

Hallelujah we sing,
To our Father and King,
And His rapturous praises repeat;
To the Lamb that was slain,
Hallelujah again,
Sing, all heaven, and fall at His feet.

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