Ye objects of sense and enjoyments of time,
Which oft have delighted my heart,
I soon shall exchange you for views more sublime,
For joys that shall never depart.

Thou Lord of the day, and thou queen of the night,
To me ye no longer are known,
I soon shall behold, with increasing delight,
A sun that shall never go down.

Ye wonderful orbs that astonish my eyes,
Your glories recede from my sight,
I soon contemplate more beautiful skies,
And stars more resplendently bright.

Ye mountains and valleys, groves, rivers and plains,
Thou earth and thou ocean adieu!
More permanent regions where righteousness reigns,
Present their bright hills to my view.

My loved habitation, and gardens adieu!
No longer my footsteps ye greet,
A mansion celestial stands full in my view,
And Paradise welcomes my feet.

My weeping relations, my brethren and friends,
Whose souls are entwined with my own,
Adieu for the present, my spirit ascends
Where pleasure immortal is known.

My cares and my labors, my sickness and pain,
And sorrow are now at an end;
The summit of bliss I shall speedily gain,
The height of perfection ascend.

Thou vale of affliction my footsteps have trod,
With trembling, with grief, and with tears,
I joyfully quit for the mansions of God,
There, there, its bright summit appears.

No lurking temptation, defilement or fear,
Again shall disquiet my breast,
In Jesus’ fair image I soon shall appear,
Forever ineffably blessed.

My Sabbaths below that have been my delight,
And Thou the blest volume divine,
Ye guided my footsteps like stars during night,
Adieu, my conductors benign.

The sun that illumines the regions of light,
Now shines on my eyes from above,
But O how transcendently glor’ous the sight,
My soul is all wonder and love.

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