There is a star, a guiding star,
Of all the train most bright;
It’s glories shine above the skies,
It dwells enthroned in light.
It is the friend of all the good
Whose hopes are fixed on high;
It cheers us thru the vale of tears;
Its comforts never die.

It’s rays are seen on India’s coast,
In distant lands afar
It shines above all human ways,
It is our guiding star.
O may this blessed star of hope,
The pilgrim’s guide below,
Shine in our souls and bear us up
Till Him we fully know.

There is a star, a lonely star,
That lights the darkest gloom;
It sheds a peaceful radiance o’er
The prospect of the tomb.
There is a voice, a cheering voice,
That lifts the soul above;
Dispels the painful, anxious doubt
And whispers, “God is love.”

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