A few more days on earth to spend,
And all my toils and cares shall end,
And I shall see my God and friend,
And praise His name on high:
No more to sigh nor shed a tear,
No more to suffer pain or fear;
But God, and Christ, and heav’n appear,
Unto the raptured eye.

Then, O my soul, despond no more;
The storm of life will soon be o’er,
And I shall find the peaceful shore
Of everlasting rest.
O happy day! O joyful hour
When, freed from earth my soul shall tow’r
Beyond the reach of Satan’s pow’r,
To be forever blest.

My soul anticipates the day,
I’ll joyfully the call obey,
which comes to summon my away
To seats prepared above.
There shall I see my Savior’s face,
And dwell in His beloved embrace,
And taste the fullness of His grace,
And sing redeeming love.

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