Friendship, to ev’ry willing mind,
Opens a heav’nly treasure,
There may the sons of sorrow find
Sources of lasting pleasure;
See what employments men pursue,
Then you will own my words are true,
Friendship alone presents to view
Sources of lasting pleasure.

Poor are the joys that fools esteem,
Fading and transitory;
Mirth is as fleeting as a dream
Or a deluding story.
Luxury leaves a sting behind,
Wounding the body and the mind;
Only in friendship can we find
Pleasure and solid glory.

Learning, that boasting, glitt’ring thing,
Is but a worth possessing;
Riches forever on the wing,
Scarce can be called a blessing;
Fame, like a shadow flies away,
Titles and dignity decay;
Nothing but friendship can display
Joys that are freed from trouble.

Beauty, with all its gaudy shows,
Is but a painted bubble;
Short is the triumph wit bestows,
Full of deceit and trouble;
Sensual pleasures swell desire,
Just as the fuel feeds the fire –
Friendship can lasting bliss inspire,
Bliss that is worth possessing.

Happy the man that hath a friend
Formed by the God of nature;
Well may he feel and recommend
Friendship for his Creator;
Then let our hearts in friendship join
To let our social pow’rs combine,
Ruled by a passion most divine,
Friendship to our Creator.

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