Mother tell me of the angels,
Tell me of that joyous band:
Tell me of their blest employment
In the glor’ous spirit land.
Tell me mother, where is father?
Is he on that blissful shore,
Where he said he’d dwell forever,
And sad partings come no more.


Angels, blessed shining angels,
Soon will bear us to the shore,
Where the wicked cease from troubling,
And sad partings come no more.

I am weary waiting mother;
Long ago he went away;
And he said he’d bring back brother
O how sweetly we would play.
Mother, when I wake at morning,
Then I think dear father’s near;
But I wait till twilight’s coming,
Still my father is not there.


Mother, let us go, and meet him,
O’er the bounding billows foam;
Yes, I know that we shall greet him
In the angels’s heav’nly home.
There we’ll part again, O never;
But with joy no tongue can tell,
We shall live together ever,
Where angelic spirits dwell.


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