Now your festal rites prepare,
Let your triumphs fill the air,
Idol gods shall reign no more,
We the living Lord adore.
Let heathen hearts on human helps repose,
Since Israel’s God has routed Israel’s foes.

Let remotest nations know
Proud Goliath’s overthrow;
Fall’n Philistia is thy trust,
Dagon’s honor laid in dust.
Who fears the Lord of glory need not fear
The brazen armor or the golden spear.

See the routed squadrons fly:
Hark! their clamors rend the sky;
Blood and carnage stain the field –
See the vanquished nations yield.
Dismay and terror fill th’affrighted land,
While conq’ring David routs the trembling band.

Lo! upon the tented field,
Royal Saul has thousands killed;
Lo! upon the sanguine plain,
David has ten thousand slain.
Let mighty Saul his vanquished thousands tell
While David’s vot’ries tenfold triumphs swell.

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