O Zion, tune thy voice,
And raise thy hands on high;
Tell all the earth thy joys,
And shout salvation nigh:
Cheerful in God,
Arise and shine:
While rays divine
Stream all abroad.

He gilds the morning face
With beams that cannot fade;
His all resplendend grace
He pours around thy head:
The nations round
Thy form shall view,
With lustre new
Divinely crowned.

In honor to His name
Reflect that sacred light,
And loud that grace proclaim
Which makes the darkness bright:
Pursue His praise,
Till sov’reign love,
In worlds above,
The glory raise.

There, on His holy hill,
A brighter Sun shall rise,
And with His radiance fill
Those fairer, purer skies;
While round His throne
Ten thousand stars
In nobler spheres
His influence own.

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