Jesus, the Savior was born in a manger,
No other room for our Lord’s sacred head;
No purple robes for the Savior of sinners,
But swaddling cloths covered Jesus instead.
Praise our Redeemer the Lord of salvation,
Praise His holy name, and to Him we will bend;
While here on earth, let us worship Him truly,
He’ll ne’er forsake but will be a true friend.

There in the morning of that resurrection,
He will descend to the earth once again;
We’ll see Him coming and rise up to meet Him,
Freed from the earth with its sorrow and pain.
Sing of His goodness and bountiful mercy,
Offered ev’ry one who from sin would be free;
Come, rest your soul on His arm of redemption,
He will your Friend and true Counsellor be.

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