Stay, sinner, stay; the night comes on,
When slighted mercy is withdrawn;
The Holy Spirit strives no more,
And Jesus gives his pleadings o’er.

Stay, sinner, stay; the Father’s call
Now bids you come forsaking all:
Oh, come, and He will bid you live;
Oh, come, and freely He’ll forgive.

Stay, sinner, stay; ‘tis Jesus pleads:
For you He weeps, for you He bleeds;
Oh, let His love, your heart constrain,
Nor let Him weep and bleed in vain.

Stay, sinner, stay, the Spirit cries,
Awake and from the dead arise;
Arise and plead for mercy now,
And at the cross repenting bow.

Stay, sinner, stay; your life soon past
Will end in mourning at the last,
And death’s dark vale comes full in view,
With none to guide you safely through.

Come, sinner, come; though guilty now,
At Jesus’ feet submissive bow,
And freely all shall be forgiv’n;
Oh, come and taste the joys of heav’n.

Come, sinner, come; a home above,
Where all is light and joy and love,
Invites you now to haste away
To realms of everlasting day.

See, sinner, see, where loved ones stand,
All saved in heaven – a happy band;
Oh, come and join them on that shore,
Where death and parting are no more.

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