O tell me, young friends,
While the morning’s fair and cool,
O where, tell me where,
Shall I find your singing school?
You’ll find it in a large church
Amid the shady grove;
You’ll find half a hundred
All singing faw, rae, doe.

O yes, I’ve found them;
And I’m glad indeed to see
So many young people
Singing with so much glee,
And while they sing so sweetly,
O, yes, I think I see
Some hearts that are swelling,
O Lord, with praise to Thee.

May all these young people
Meet up in heav’n above,
To join with the angels,
Adore the God of love.
O God, we humbly pray Thee,
We all may faithful prove,
And all meet in heaven
To praise Thee, God of love.

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