Hear the royal proclamation,
The glad tidings of salvation,
Publishing to ev’ry creature,
To the ruined sons of nature;
Jesus reigns He reigns victor’ous
Over heav’n and earth most glor’ous,
Jesus reigns.

See the royal banner flying,
Hear the heralds loudly crying,
Rebel sinners, royal favor
Now is offered by the Savior:
Lo! He reigns, He reigns victor’ous
Over heav’n and earth most glor’ous,
Jesus reigns.

Hear, ye sons of wrath and ruin,
Who have wrought your own undoing;
Here is life and free salvation
Offered to the whole creation,
Jesus reigns etc.

Turn unto the Lord most holy,
Shun the paths of vice and folly;
Turn or you are lost forever,
O now turn to God your Savior,
Lo! He reigns etc.

Here is wine and milk and honey,
Come and purchase without money –
Mercy like a flowing fountain –
Streaming from the holy mountain,
Jesus reigns etc.

For this love, let rocks and mountains,
Purling streams and crystal fountains,
Roaring thunders, lightning blazes
Shout the great Messiah’s praises,
Lo! He reigns etc.

Shout, ye tongues of ev’ry nation,
To the bounds of the creation,
Shout the praise of Judah’s Lion,
The almighty King of Zion,
Jesus reigns etc.

Now our souls have caught new fire,
Brethren raise your voices higher,
Shout with joyful acclamation,
To the Prince of your salvation,
Jesus reigns etc.

Shout, ye saints, make joyful mention,
Christ has purchased our redemption,
Angels shout the pleasing story,
Through the brighter worlds of glory,
Jesus reigns etc.

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