Wrapped in the silence of the night,
Lay all the eastern world,
When, bursting glor’ous heav’nly light,
The wondrous scene unfurled.
Hark, how cherubic armies shout,
And glory leads the song!
Goodwill and peace are heard thruout
Th’harmonious heav’nly throng.

With songs and honors sounding loud,
Address the Lord on high;
O’er all the heav’ns He spreads His cloud,
And waters veil the sky.
He sends His show’rs of blessings down,
To cheer the plains below;
He makes the grass the mountains crown,
And corn in valleys grow.

His steady counsels change the face
Of each declining year;
He bids the sun cut short his race,
And wint’ry days appear.
On us His providence has shone
With gentle, smiling rays;
Oh, may our lips and lives make known
His goodness and His praise.

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