Lift up your hearts to things above,
Ye follow’rs of the Lamb,
And join with us to praise His love,
And glorify His name.
To Jesus’ name give thanks and sing,
Whose mercies never end;
Rejoice! rejoice! the Lord is King;
The King is now our friend.

We for His sake count all things loss,
On earthly good look down;
And joyfully sustain the cross,
Till we receive the crown.
O let us stir each other up
Our faith by works t’approve,
By holy purifying hope,
And the sweet task of love.

Let all who for the promise wait,
The Holy Ghost receive,
And raised to our unsinning state,
With God in Eden live.
Live, till the Lord in glory come,
And wait His heav’nly share;
He now is fitting up your home;
Go on, we’ll meet you there.

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