Ye weary, heavy laden souls,
Who are oppressed sore;
Ye trav’llers through this wilderness,
To Canaan’s peaceful shore;
Through chilling winds and beating rains,
And waters deep and cold,
And enemies surrounding you, –
Take courage, and be bold.

Though storms and hurricanes arise,
The desert all around,
And fiery serpents oft appear
In this enchanted ground;
Dark nights and clouds, and gloomy fears,
And dragons often roar;
Yet, in the great Redeemer’s strength,
We’ll press to Canaan’s shore.

We’re often like the lonesome dove,
That mourns her absent mate;
From hill to hill, from grove to grove,
Her woes she doth relate;
But Canaan just before us lies,
Sweet spring is coming on;
A few more beating winds and rains,
And winter will be gone.

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