I dreamt I was out, to the east cast mine eye,
The atmosphere calm and serene was the sky;
So calm, still and awful, tremendous the sight;
I thought the last judgement was dawning to light.

A pillar of cloud in the east did appear,
A throne in the midst on which Jesus sat fair,
Who coming along the ether’al bright plain
And soaring aloft till the midst He did gain.

The next I heard Jesus say “Come you up here;”
Then all the blest nations arose without fear,
And quitting the globe with great pleasure did sing
A song that was never before tuned to string.

Then, in the sweet transport, my feet left the ground
Without any motion of body or sound;
My joys were unspeakably full of delight;
So loud was the music in o’ercame me quite.

Recordings none