Somebody’s mother, praying tonight,
For her dear children, out of her sight,
Anxiously waiting for them to come
In from the nightfall, into their home.


Don’t grieve your mother, don’t grieve her so,
You’ll find no other on earth below,
Soon you will miss her, how sad and lone!
Far from your presence she will have flown.

Some mother’s darling, her own dear boy,
Down at the dram shop, sapping her joy,
O son, remember dear mother’s prayer,
How she is waiting burdened with care.


Some precious daughter, tho mother’s old,
Yet she has wandered far from the fold;
Don’t grieve your mother who loves you so,
Soon you will miss her from earth below.


I had a mother, loving and true,
But she departed out from our view;
Well I remember, how sad the day,
She called us round her then passed away.


Sweet to my mem’ry and fresh today,
When mother taught me to kneel and pray,
Pointing to heaven that home above
Where I will meet her, she whom I love.

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