No war nor battle sound
Was heard the earth around;
No hostile chiefs to furious combat ran;
But peaceful was the night
In which the Prince of Light
His reign of peace upon the earth began.

No conqu’ror’s sword He bore,
Nor warlike armor wore,
Nor haughty passions roused to contest wild.
In peace and love He came,
And gentle was His reign,
Which o’er the earth He spread by influence mild.

Unwilling kings obeyed,
And sheathed the battleblade,
And call’d their bloody legions from the field.
In silent awe they wait,
And close the warrior’s gate,
Nor know to Whom their homage thus they yield.

The peaceful conqu’ror goes,
And triumphs o’er His foes,
His weapons drawn from armories above.
Behold the vanquish’d sit
Submissive at His feet,
And strife and hate are changed to peace and love.

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