Come, saints, let us join in the praise of the Lamb,
The theme most sublime of the angels above;
They dwell with delight on the sound of His name,
And gaze on His glories with wonder and love.

Come, saints, and adore Him, come, bow at His feet;
Let grateful hosannas unceasingly rise:
O give Him the glory and praise that are meet,
And join the full chorus that gladdens the skies.

Behold to what honors the Savior is raised,
He sits on the throne, and He rules over all;
By man once rejected, by seraphs now praised,
While pow’rs and dominions before Him do fall.

They worship the Lamb who for sinners was slain;
But their loft’est songs never equal His love;
The claims of His mercy will ever remain,
Transcending the anthems in glory above.

Yet even our service He will not despise,
When we join in worship and tell of His name;
Then let us unite in the song of the skies,
And trusting His mercy sing “Worthy the Lamb.”

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