Who is this that comes from far,
With His garments dipped in blood,
Strong, triumphant traveler
Is He man, or is He God?
I that reign in righteousness,
Son of God and man I am;
Mighty to redeem your race,
Jesus is your Savior’s name.

“Wide ye heav’nly gates unfold,
Closed no more by death and sin;
Lo! the conq’ring Lord behold;
Let the King of glory in.”
Hark! th’angelic host inquire,
“Who is He th’almighty King?”
Hark again! the answ’ring choir
Thus in strains of triumph sing:

“He whose pow’rful arm alone,
On His foes destruction hurled;
He who hath the vict’ry won;
He who saved a ruined world;
He who God’s pure law fulfilled;
Jesus, the incarnate word;
He whose truth with blood was sealed;
He is heav’n’s all glor’ous Lord.

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