Up from the shore (Sacred shore!) of far Galilee; (Galilee!)
Where the storm raged (Fiercely raged!) so dark and wild, (Dark and wild!)
Gospel waves roll (peace be still!) a message to me (Even me;)
Fear not, ’tis I (Jesus speaks!) O wavering child. (Trust in Me.)


Gospel waves roll (Ever roll!) in power and might, (Pow’r and might!)
Bear o’er the earth (O’er the earth!) the message of light; (Wondrous light!)
Gospel waves roll (Swiftly roll!) on Calvary’s stream (Calv’ry’s stream!)
Sing, O my soul, (He’ll redeem,) the Lord will redeem.

Out of Gethsem- (Where alone,) -na’s garden of woe, (Jesus wept!)
Where the Lord wept (Jesus wept!) in pain and grief, (Prostrate lay)
Gospel waves roll (Ever roll!) to all here below, (Here below,)
Bearing sweet com- (Trust His love,) -fort, bringing relief (Praise His name.)


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