There are loved ones gone before us,
Who in that bright world high o’er us,
Loudly swell the heav’nly chorus,
And Jesus’ name adore.
Far away from earth benighted,
Where so often hope is blighted,
Now with God and saints united,
They rest forever more.


In the fair fields of Eden
At rest forever more.

It was hard indeed to sever,
For we’ll meet again here never;
But they now are blest forever
They’ve gained the great reward.
Oh why should their absence grieve us?
For in triumph they did leave us,
And now waiting to receive us,
They’re happy with the Lord.


By and by we’ll go and meet them,
On that blissful shore we’ll greet them,
And our joys – it will complete them,
To meet no more to roam;
O let time be onward driven,
Let all earthly ties be riven,
And let praise to God be given,
For we are hast’ning home.


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