Saw ye my Saviour? Saw ye my Saviour?
Saw ye my Saviour and God?
Oh! He died on Calvary,
To atone for you and me,
And to purchase our pardon with blood.

He was extended! He was extended!
Shamefully nail’d to the cros;
Oh! He bowed His head and died,
Thus my Lord was crucified,
To atone for a world that was lost.

Jesus hung bleeding! Jesus hung bleeding!
Three dreadful hours of pain;
Oh! the sun refused to shine,
When the Majesty divine
Was derided, insulted, and slain.

Darkness prevailed! Darkness prevailed!
Darkness prevail’d o’er the land-
Oh! the solid rocks were rent,
Through creation’s vast extent,
When the Jews crucified the God-man!

When it was finished, when it was finished,
And the atonement was made;
He was taken by the great,
Wrapped in linen clean and sweet,
And was in a new sepulcre laid.

Hail! mighty Saviour! hail! mighty Saviour!
Prince and author of peace!
Oh! He burst the bands of death,
And in triumph left the earth-
He ascended to mansions of bliss.

Now interceding, now interceding,
Pleading that sinners may live:
Crying, “Father, I have died,
(O behold my hands and side!)
To redeem them, I pray Thee, forgive!”

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