The time is soon coming, by the prophets foretold,
When Zion in purity the world shall behold.
When Jesus’ pure testimony will gain the day,
Denomination selfishness will vanish away.

‘Twill then be discovered who for Jesus will be,
And who are in Babylon the saints then we’ll see,
The time of division then will be fully known
Between the Lord’s pure kingdom and defiled Babylon.

Led on by the Comforter, what sweets will be found,
What peace and what harmony in love will abound!
Lost time, things for Jesus will be counted all joy,
And then helping each other a delightful employ.

What beauty the churches will put on in His sight,
Be governed by Jesus, who always doeth right;
No spots on her count’nance, in that glorious day,
Unnecessary ceremonies vanished away.

The watchmen will then lift up their voices as one,
East, west, north, and south will to and fro madly run;
The spirit’s pure testimony preach up the cross:
The mysteries of Babylon will suffer the loss.

But oh! what a storm of persecution will rage,
For cause of old Babylon too many engage:
Beholding their losses, and beginning to sink,
They hope to obstruct the light from shining, I think.

But truth cuts its way and love melts down Zion’s foes.
The pure word of God will conquer all who oppose;
The church stands in purity, in peace and in love,
In sight of her enemies she rises above.

Let all who would wish to see Millennium begin,
Come out, and be separate from sinners and sin,
As soon as the churches are redeemed from all sin;
The day of the Millennium will surely begin.

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