Savior, the world’s and mine,
Was ever grief like Thine?
Thou my pain, my curse hast borne
All my sins were laid on Thee:
Help me, Lord, for Thee I mourn:
Draw me, Savior, after Thee.

To live is all my wish:
I only live for this:
Grant my, Lord, my heart’s desire,
There by faith forever dwell;
This I always will require,
Thee, and only Thee to feel.

Thy pow’r I pant to prove,
Rooted and fixed in love;
Strengthened by Thy Spirit’s might,
Wise to fathom things divine;
What the length, and breadth, and hight,
What the depth of love like Thine!

Ah! give me this to know,
With all Thy saints below;
Swells my soul to compass Thee:
Pants in Thee to live and move;
Filled with all the deity,
All immersed and lost in love.

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